Contact Email: emma@emma-rae.co.uk

Emma Rae Designs is the trading name for a freelance entity and is therefore not VAT registered.

Signed contracts are not usually provided for services. If you have agreed in writing to have a service take place and made payment to do so, you are seen as being in agreement with the following terms.

Deposits & Scheduling

All package offers must be paid upfront before work will be scheduled. In the event that you wish to cancel the work after payment is made, you will be refunded 50% of the amount paid.

For jobs billed at an hourly rate, such as website maintenance, video or photo editing, a deposit of one hours work is to be paid before the work is scheduled. The remaining balance will be invoiced and payable upon work completion and sign off from customer. Final work will not be published until the final amount is paid.

Work will be scheduled at the earliest opportunity, however this can be a week or two in advance – please bear in mind that I am rarely ‘free’ so a ‘day-or two’s notice for work to be completed is unrealistic (and a bit unfair!).

Client Briefs

Although I do try to help as much as I can, I can’t read minds! You should be able to provide a full brief to me (preferably in writing) prior to any work starting. Any additional information required for the job will be requested from the client prior to the work being done. If the client does not provide enough information this will delay their job being done and may incur a delay fee.

Logo designs

Requests for Logo designs will be sent 4 logo variants as per the brief supplied by the customer.

Customers are limited to 4 minor changes to the variant you choose to work on. These changes include colour adjustment, placement of features, backgrounds (if applicable) and fonts. Any further changes will be chargeable at £5 for each amendment.

If the customer chooses to change the brief and therefore be sent a new set of logo variants, this will be treated as a new order and will be charged as such.

Please note, it is the customers responsibility to clearly communicate the type of design they would like prior to work being done.


Print design prices listed on the website are design-only. This would be charged on top of the price of print. Any print requests will be done using third party suppliers – I do have access to a variety of places so cannot guarantee which supplier this will be. Likewise, if you have a supplier you wish to use, I am happy to send files/ communicate with them directly.

Please also note that on occasion, colour shades may differ depending on the medium they are printed on and the finish. It is recommended that customers view any proofs sent on a laptop or computer rather than a mobile device/tablet.  

Customer Sign Off

It is the customers responsibility to confirm sign off for the design – this includes spell checking.

As I am freelance, I cannot confirm turnaround times, however I can assure all customers that I will keep them updated with their requests. Generally, design work is done on evenings and weekends, but messages will be answered Monday – Saturday. 

Stock Photos

Where possible I will use free stock imagery and will recommend giving the author credit where it needs to be however this is entirely up to the customer. Any stock photos that are purchased during the design process will be charged to the customer in the final invoice.  

Refund Policy

All deposits are non-refundable. Final balances are non-refundable once paid. If you have purchased a Package offer but wish to cancel after payment, you will be refunded 50% of the amount paid.

Copy Writing

Customers must supply their own copy for all work requested. This must be supplied in a word document; photos will not be accepted (it must be able to be copy and pasted). It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all spelling and grammar is correct. Proof copies will be sent to the client once completed and it is the client’s responsibility to proofread these designs before they are signed off or sent to print.

Any changes to electronic designs will incur the £10 change charge after signing off. If there are changes to items sent to print, these cannot be done, and you will have to purchase new copies.

Transferring Files

If it is not able to be sent via email, I will use a company called WeTransfer for large documents. The link is valid for 7 days.

Job Pauses

If a customer wishes to pause work on a job request, this is acceptable however there is a ‘shelf life’ on jobs for 30 days. If after this time the job has not been un-paused, it will be ‘shelved’, and the deposit will be lost – the customer will have to restart the process again.


Orders will be sent to you unless you have requested to collect from me directly. I do not take responsibility of any delays, misplacements, loss or damage to parcels. I can however discuss with the third-party supplier to ensure your complaints are heard. Refunds/cashback will not be provided from me. 

Remember – Be nice!

Believe it or not – this happens! Under no circumstances will I be subject to rude, abusive or slanderous comments. If this occurs, the design process will be terminated with no refunds given – you will be black listed and if abuse continues, a formal report will be made to the authorities.

Extra Info

Final designs may be used as part of a promotional campaign on social media or elsewhere for Emma Rae Designs. All designs are owned by Emma Rae Designs, editing designs produced by Emma Rae Designs is not allowed. 

Customers are deemed to be in agreeance with all of the above terms once they initiate service (through booking or payment).

Website Terms

Standardised pricing is not available for websites as the requirements from each client can be largely different from one another. In general there will be charge for set up and the initial build, plus the monthly hosting fee.

If you already have a website set up and simply want edits made to that, this is charged at an hourly rate with a minimum of one hour being charged.

Upon receiving an enquiry, I will arrange to obtain as much information as possible in order to provide you with the best and most cost-efficient service as possible. A consultation can be arranged either by phone, email or video call.

All assets for the website, including your brief, must be received in writing. I do not transcribe from images found on sites such as Google or Pinterest and these should be your own words where possible.

Imagery, logos and footage wanted on the site will be requested in the initial phases of the job. If stock imagery is required I can source free imagery however any images at cost will be payable by the client.

For sites hosted by myself, a monthly fee will be required and is due on 1st of every month. Failure to pay this will result in the following:

  • within a week after payment not received, a friendly chaser email will be sent as a reminder.
  • If payment still not received within 5 days of that email, a warning will be sent advising that your site is at risk of being taken down.
  • If payment is not received by the next payments due date, your site will be taken down.

If a site has been taken down due to non-payment, it will require all outstanding payments to be paid in full plus an administration charge of £70. If still not paid within 6 months of the first missed payment date, the domain and site will be cancelled and deleted and legal action will be pursued.

Clients who have had their sites deleted with Emma Rae Designs due to non-payment will be effectively ‘barred’ from service.

If you wish to arrange direct debit instructions – please contact me.

You (the client) are deemed to be in agreement with the terms of service when you make the initial payment for the work to be done. All domains purchased through me have minimum contract term of 1 year.

Early termination of websites is not advised as you will have to pay the remainder of the contract term plus an administration/early termination fee of £70.

Failure to make payment during your contract term does not nullify or automatically cancel the domain/web space. Please be mindful that hosting is at a cost to me.